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Access to Driver Data goes live

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During our last stakeholder abolition of the counterpart webchat held on 21 May, a number of enquiries focussed on our new Access to Driver Data (ADD) service. This included questions about set up costs and service availability. To coincide with the service that went live yesterday (1 June 2015), we’ve produced an overview of the service which provides details that we were unable to cover during the webchat.

ADD is a service we’re offering to organisations that demonstrate a business need for our driving licence data. This service will provide real time driving licence data through a business-to-business interface for individual record checks, with drivers’ consent.

Information made available through ADD includes the driver’s name, address, date of birth, driving entitlement and penalty points/disqualifications. Tachograph and driver qualification card information is not available through ADD at the moment but we’re considering including this information at a later date.

Driver consent

To use ADD you’ll still need to get consent from the licence holder. You can get the licence holder’s consent using the existing Driving Licence Consent Form (D796) or it can be captured and stored electronically.

Guiding principles for electronic driver consent

We’ve a set of guiding principles for electronic driver consent available on request. If you’re considering applying for electronic consent these principles will provide the necessary information you need to meet our requirements.

Prior to implementation your electronic consent proposal will need to be approved by DVLA.

We’ll carry out audits of the service to ensure the necessary measures and controls are in place to meet the terms of the contract you sign up to with us.


Initial costs are approx £25,000 to £30,000 which cover deployment and installation. There is also a line rental cost of approx £6,000 per annum and it’ll take around 4 months to set up. Currently, there is a fixed cost per enquiry (1 enquiry means 1 driver record).

If you’d like any more information on this service, please get in touch.

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