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Life in public beta for the View Vehicle Record (VVR) enquiry service

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Since VVR moved into public beta on the 24 March, 330 fleet companies have given their administration details and now have access to the service.

My last blog on moving into public beta helped raise the profile of DVLA’s Fleet Scheme, resulting in many companies expressing an interest in joining up to experience the benefits.  The service is free to use and provides immediate access to VVR once you’ve given us details of your company system administrator.

During public beta we’ve made some changes to the service, such as introducing MOT alerts and adding the validation character. This was a direct result of listening to feedback from fleet users. We’ll continue to improve the service as more feedback is received.

Now that companies can see their vehicle data held on DVLA’s database, it’s identified the need for companies to carry out a data cleansing exercise. As companies return the data cleansing spreadsheets, DVLA’s fleet team is busy making the necessary changes. We’ve asked all companies to be patient whilst we carry out this work.

Feedback from users

Feedback about the service from fleet users is positive. See below from LeasePlan:

Here’s what Shona Harper, General Manager, Fleet Administration, LeasePlan UK had to say:

LeasePlan UK was invited by the DVLA to be part of the new ‘View our Vehicle’ records system pilot. For us, this was a great way to get an early understanding of the progress and changes DVLA have made to the system. Taking part has given us a new level of visibility of both our GB fleet and our Northern Ireland fleet. It’s enabled us to identify vehicles that are not taxed or which haven’t completed their MOT, and then to review the data to ensure the DVLA and LeasePlan records match.

The new system has already enabled us to institute efficiencies by having access to data that can be manipulated and easily downloaded. And, we believe there are more benefits to come once we are able to provide live data updates to our fleet. We also anticipate that there’ll be significant benefits in viewing our commercial fleet information that was previously inaccessible.

There are still some challenges which I know DVLA are addressing. The main challenge is the data quality still needs some improvement, but that’s something LeasePlan and the DVLA will work together on to improve. Currently the data is not real time; once it is, we’ll see even further benefits and improvements. During the pilot there has been an issue with slow turnaround times in rectifying issues that have been raised, but again I know this is something the DVLA are working hard to fix.

The ‘View our Vehicles’ records site was designed by the DVLA by listening to feedback received from its customers and it is still being refined based on the responses they have received from those taking part in the pilot. For LeasePlan it’s been extremely worthwhile taking part in the pilot and we look forward to further improvements to the new system and the benefits they will bring.

DVLA acknowledges that VVR still needs enhancements. We will  deliver this through the continuous improvement process which all of our services undertake. Please, continue to give us feedback to help improve the service to meet your needs

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