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Integrated Enquiries Platform – what is it?

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The Integrated Enquiries Platform Programme, or IEP for short, is DVLA’s first digital exemplar. It will provide DVLA with an enquiry platform capable of handling millions of requests for data from individuals, public sector and organisations who have a right to view it.

The first phase of IEP will provide the insurance industry with access to drivers’ data, subject to strict data protection controls. This will speed up the insurance quotation process for customers as they will no longer need to declare their driving history. At the same time, as it will be based on the most up to date information, it will ensure more accurate motor insurance quotes. It will also help prevent inaccurate or fraudulent applications which in turn will be a benefit to road safety more generally.

As part of this work, we are also delivering an online service to allow individuals to view their driver records. Drivers will be able to check their data is up to date and the service will remove the need for customers to contact DVLA by phone or in writing for straightforward things like checking the address DVLA holds is correct, or when their penalty points expire.

We are working closely with the Government Digital Service to develop IEP, ensuring it meets ‘Digital by Default’ Service Standards. This means we are designing it with the customer’s needs in mind and I will post updates on our user testing in a future blog post.

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  1. Comment by Ruth Wallace posted on

    What about Driving Schools? For LGV & PCV candidates who need to sit 5 tests, before they make a booking the school/instructor needs to confirm they have the correct entitlement. For example a candidate could apply for Provisional LGV, accidently tick the wrong box on the application, get C1 entitlement, manage to pass their LGV Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests (so an instructor could presume that the trainee has got the correct provisional) but if there is no simple way to be able to see or check the actual entitlment until the trainee arrives on the day of the practical training then it could be horrible. Both the instructor and the trainee would be stood looking at each other, the training vehicle would not able to be used for training, a Module 3 driving test appointment booked and it could be too late to cancel! The costs, loss of earnings for the instructor and trainee who'd taken time off from work to do an intensive course, or the trainees company if sponsored, the problems could just go on and on.

    And for another example, when we help our customers (say a tree surgeon who wants to tow a chipper trailer on the back of his C1 vehicle) Initially we tick the C1 and C1+E boxes on the D2 when applying for the drivers first Provisional LGV. Presume he gets the licence back with the correct entitlement, we can go through Module 1 and on to Module 3 (and later finish the Module 2 & 4),. After the trainee has passed Module 3 he sends the licence back to DVLA to confirm a C1 pass, and looking forward to receiving the counterpart back with the C1+E entitlement that we originally applied for. BUT No! The licence comes back with only the C1 full entitlement. There is no C1+E entitlement (it has been removed). So then we have to send the full C1 back to DVLA to apply for C1+E again. This has happened! So now, after someone has passed C1 driving test we have to make sure when they return the pass certificate with their licence to DVLA we also have to enclose a further D2 for with a ticked C1+E box (effectively repeating ourselves). The D2 form is a mess! If you tick you want D, D1, C and C1, why not give the provisional +E entitlements for the one you have passed when the full licence comes back (just like it comes back with C+E provisional after someone's passed C).
    PLEASE consult with the DRIVER TRAINING INDUSTRY - hear our problems, thoughts and solutions - don't just go with the hire companies and insurance companies (just because they've got more money and clout!) PLEASE talk to the other people involved.

    • Replies to Ruth Wallace>

      Comment by Rohan posted on

      Thank you for your comment. We will be consulting with all current users of the information contained on the counterpart to develop a digital service that suits all needs. Could you please write to to outline your concerns in further detail and how you feel an on-line service could support you."

  2. Comment by Jemma Dicks posted on

    Can you please tell me exactly what information is accessible to insurers via the IEP? Can they see driving convictions, pending convictions, licence status and licence start and expiry dates?