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V5C on Demand for fleets

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As part of DVLA’s Transformation of online services, we’re developing a V5C on Demand service. This delivers against the government’s Red Tape Challenge. This means that the V5C registration document can be suppressed, and requested on demand when one is needed.

Who can use the service?

Companies on the DVLA Fleet Scheme will have the opportunity to ‘opt into’ the V5C on Demand service, and to access the View Vehicle Record (VVR) enquiry service. The V5C on demand service will be available through VVR which will also provide information on vehicles in their fleet.

The design and development of both VVR and V5C on Demand services has been in conjunction with the fleet industry. We’ve held extensive usability testing and engagement sessions to make sure the services are developed to meet the needs of the fleet customers.

What are the benefits of ‘opting in’ to the V5C on Demand service?

Opting in to this service means that from April 2015 DVLA fleet companies will:

  • not receive a V5C for any newly registered vehicles for their fleet (the paper V5C will be suppressed)
  • reduce the amount of paper documents stored and administered, possibly to zero within 3 years (depending on how often new vehicles are purchased)
  • potentially reduce costs for fleet companies ‘opting in’ as a result of a reduction in administrative burden and storage costs

Changes to vehicle details on the current stock of a company’s V5C's, for example change of company name/address, will also be incorporated into the ‘opt in’ of V5C suppression service.

When will the service be available?

The VVR enquiry service which will enable V5C on Demand service will be available in March. The V5C on Demand service will be released into public beta at the end of March 2015.

Next steps

If you want to know more about the V5C on Demand service and to help us manage the transition onto the service, please register your interest via this email address:


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