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New services see excellent take up

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Before the end of March I told you that the new PR service to 'Take a Registration Number off a Vehicle' was made available to the public and that the ‘Put a registration number on a vehicle’ service would be coming soon.

I’m pleased to say that this is now the case and the motor trade, as well as PR customers, can retain and assign a registration number online.

This means there are now 3 services available to the public with the first service ‘Motor traders: tell DVLA about the sale of a vehicle’ made available to the public on 20 January 2015.

Take up for all services has been brilliant especially as we’ve been restricted on promoting these services during the election period.

The current take up for the services against paper transactions being received are:

Motor traders: tell DVLA about the sale of a vehicle – 23% of all notifications of sale to the motor trade sent in by the motor trade.

Take a Registration Number off a Vehicle – 33% of all applications received.

Put a registration number on a vehicle –15% of all applications received

More to come...

Yes that’s right we still have 2 more services to come. These are:

  • buy a vehicle from the trade
  • private sale of a vehicle

We expect these to be available to the public during June 2015. But the work doesn’t stop there. We will continue to promote these services, encouraging your feedback to continuously improve the services to meet your customer needs.

If you need to carry out any of these services go to GOV.UK and use the online channel. Thousands are already doing so

A simply better service.

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  1. Comment by julie seton posted on

    Great News that you can now put a registration number on a vehicle. Please could you confirm is this the way we will now be doing Cherished transfers - will we take the number plate off then put back on again? My question is that we would then have to wait for a new V5 to come through as the current doc ref no would be invalid?
    Or do we continue to post in as we do now please?
    Many thanks,
    Julie Seton
    Lamwell Motor Co
    124 Ringwood Road
    Ferndown BH22 8AW
    01202 593344

    • Replies to julie seton>

      Comment by Jason Llewelyn posted on

      Hi Julie, once you have retained a number using the online service you will be provided with a retention certificate number. This number can be used to assign the number to another vehicle using the Put a registration number on a vehicle service. There is no need to wait for the V5C to carry this out and it can all be done in real time using both services on line. Thanks

      • Replies to Jason Llewelyn>

        Comment by Andrew Jefferies posted on

        Jason could you advise me please? I've bought a new car collecting this Saturday, my old car had the number plate taken off by the dealer on line and I've had a new log book for the car I'm trading in back in 48 hours , I want to put my number on m y new car ASAP can I assign my number on line even if the new cars log books not in my name do I have to wait till it comes back in my name then assign ? The dealer is due to tax it for me on completion of sale many thanks

        • Replies to Andrew Jefferies>

          Comment by Andrew Jefferies posted on

          Ps if so what documents would I need presume retention certificate number and V5 number would that be all ?

          • Replies to Andrew Jefferies>

            Comment by Jason Llewelyn posted on

            Yes, you would just require the retention certificate number and the V5C reference number and the details of the registered keeper. Thanks

        • Replies to Andrew Jefferies>

          Comment by Jason Llewelyn posted on

          Hi Andrew, the new vehicle will need to be taxed and in your name on the V5C before the on line service can be used to assign the number to your vehicle. There is currently no facility to change keeper details as part of the service to assign a number plate but there will soon be a service released which will allow you to change keeper details online first.

          Please keep checking in on DVLA digital blogs for the latest developments on this.

  2. Comment by Sarah C posted on

    I have a registration number on a retention certificate and want to extend the retention certificate that runs out at the end of this month. I understand this is now free to do. I think I may have read somewhere that you have to do this at least 28days before it expires and that a reminder would be sent? We never received a reminder - can we still extend the certificate?

    • Replies to Sarah C>

      Comment by Jason Llewelyn posted on

      Hi Sarah

      Yes, this is free to do and reminders are still issued for the renewal of a retention certificate. The reminders are issued to the Grantee on the certificate only. The ‘Nominee’ cannot apply to renew the entitlement. You do not have to wait for your reminder to renew the entitlement and simply need to return the certificate to PR Specialist Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DS. The renewal period is now for 10 years.

  3. Comment by Anthony O'Doherty posted on

    Hi Jason, can you provide an update on the status of "buy a vehicle from the trade" which was expected in June?

    Is this available in any form to the trade at present (eg via private/limited beta) and when will it be available to the public?

    We're purchasing a vehicle from a dealer who has taxed it on our behalf and advised that they registered a change of keeper at the same time using an online facility (within the last week). Does that facility exist and if so, how long should we expect to wait for the V5 to arrive?