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New features to online services for professional drivers

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We’ve got some exciting news to share - significant new features on our View Driving Licence and Check Driving Licence online services, and on our Access to Driver Data (ADD) API.

Around 1.2 million drivers who have a digital tachograph card or a driver qualification card can now view this information online and also share it via a check code, or by giving their consent to use the ADD service.

The new data that’s available

Tachograph card users can now view details online such as card status (for example valid, expired, lost) as well as the start and end dates and the latest card number.

Drivers who have a driver qualification card (also known as Certificate of Professional Competence) can see the types of vehicle they’ve completed training in, and when the card is due to expire.

How drivers can view this information

There’s no need to do anything different to view your data. Simply log in to the View Driving Licence service, and if we hold tachograph or a driver qualification card data it’ll be there for you to view and share with your employer.


Why we made this data available

View Driving Licence has been used over 30 million times since its launch in 2014. Despite its popularity, we still continue to do user research to find ways of constantly improving the service.

There’s always been a great interest from businesses that employ drivers to have this data available digitally. Having this information available online means it’ll be quicker and easier to check the driving entitlements and compliance of their drivers. This plays an important part in improving road safety which is central to DVLA’s purpose.

In just over a month this new data has been viewed 100,000 times. This is a great result and example of how continuously improving our live services benefits our customers.

If you require any further information about the ADD API, please email

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  1. Comment by Kevin Antonia posted on

    The inclusion of driver CPC status is great but it only shows when the qualification is valid to. It would be better if it included how many modules are used and how many are valid towards the next 5 year period (similar to the Check Driver CPC website). As a Transport Manager it is very difficult to obtain this information from drivers and 'certificates' do not always match the driver record held on website. This could mean drivers either attend too many training sessions or, more importantly, not enough by the time their qualification expires. All information in one place would mean drivers only have to provide one password for 3rd party access to their complete record. Good to see that developments are ongoing though.

    • Replies to Kevin Antonia>

      Comment by Kevin Hutt posted on

    • Replies to Kevin Antonia>

      Comment by DVLA digital comms team posted on

      Hi Kevin,

      The ability to view the training hours alongside driving licence details came up regularly when we conducted user testing, so it’s something we’re very much aware of. DVLA doesn’t hold the training hours data and so we’re unable to incorporate it into the service. Our colleagues at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency provide a service that allows this information to be checked online at

  2. Comment by Kevin Hutt posted on

    Hi it would be good if you could include the amount of hours done towards next cpc card.

    • Replies to Kevin Hutt>

      Comment by Richard Brown posted on

      As Director of Licence Check Ltd and a founder member of The ADLV the reason you now have the CPC & Tacho card data is because as an authority body we have been lobbying the DVLA for many years to make this and more data available. We have provided very specific evidence and customer feedback on the commercial requirements to obtain this for the benefit of all companies managing drivers and fleet risk. Despite our continued efforts DVLA/DVSA still haven't released other data sets such as training records for CPC holder via The A.D.D or other services - Why?

      This is not new news, this is frustrating.

  3. Comment by Ashley Mills posted on

    Have to agree with Kevin Antonia, a complete "One Stop Shop" However great to see improvements.