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‘Pay a DVLA fine’ service expands its horizons

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We’ve just made some exciting new additions to our Pay a DVLA fine service. We launched the service in 2016 to allow customers to pay vehicle-related fines online. Over 70% of our customers now prefer to use this online option.

Building on this success, we’ve now extended and enhanced the service, allowing customers to deal with a broader range of fines more easily and sort out their vehicle tax, all at the same time.

person holding a tablet showing the start page for the service

What’s new

We issue fines to vehicle keepers that we catch using an untaxed or uninsured vehicle on the public road. Up until recently, paying the fine was a paper process. We’re always listening to customer feedback, and many customers told us that paying a fine this way was an administrative burden; it was also increasing our paper trails too. So now these types of fine are payable online.

As well as increasing the range of fines that can be paid online, we’ve also improved how the digital service links up with other parts of GOV.UK. Up until recently, the online service for paying a fine was separated from the online service to tax your vehicle. This meant after a fine was paid, customers needed to find their vehicle registration document and head to a different service to pay their tax.

Again, you told us that this process wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. So we’ve redesigned the service with these two parts of the process linked together. Once you’ve paid the fine, the system automatically redirects you to the ‘Tax your vehicle’ service page, without the need to have your registration document to hand.

What’s next

We’re continuously improving the service by listening to what our customers are telling us. We’re already aiming to make further additions to the range of fines that can be paid online later this year. It’s all part of our aim to make our online services simpler and better for our customers.

Watch this space for further updates!

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  1. Comment by barry percy posted on

    Great, I hope I don't get a fine though!

  2. Comment by Paul posted on

    Can you tel me where did the 70% come from .it is something iv all ways wonted to no when talking %.

    • Replies to Paul>

      Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

      Hi Paul, we calculate the percentage by comparing the total volume of letters issued each month with the number of customers who pay via the online channel. So in this case, each month over 70% of the customers who pay will do so through the online channel.

  3. Comment by Debbie posted on

    How about disputing the fine online with the photographic evidence.

    • Replies to Debbie>

      Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

      Thank you for your suggestion Debbie, we're currently transforming our services and we'll look into the possibilities of introducing an online dispute process.

  4. Comment by Brian Knight posted on

    Good idea,has the recovery of fines increased using this method?

    • Replies to Brian Knight>

      Comment by DVLA Comms Team posted on

      Hi Brian - yes, customers are also paying their fines earlier as now they can do this at their convenience with a 24hr service, compared to the 9 to 5 office hours of DVLA's contact centre.

  5. Comment by Brian Knight posted on

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Comment by P. Neale posted on

    Great idea.

  7. Comment by W.Marshall posted on

    Exciting new ways to pay a fine? Really? this must be the saddest piece of email literature I have ever read. Has email communication really stooped to this inane level? If you can’t think of any more factually accurate way of presenting this kind of information - please don’t try & dress it up like some sort of new lottery scratch card !

  8. Comment by Mr J Merrick posted on

    when reporting an untaxed vehicle, could there be a link to upload a photo of the reported vehicle to help prove the validity of the report.

    • Replies to Mr J Merrick>

      Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

      Thank you for your suggestion Mr Merrick, we're keen to improve the ‘report an untaxed vehicle’ service and will explore this possibility as part of transforming the service.

      • Replies to DVLA External Comms Team>

        Comment by Brian Hilton posted on

        How are we supposed to know when a vehicle is or is not taxed since the stupid idea of doing away with the tax disc? it was the best and easy way, to check,nowadays you just cant't tell.
        Has the number of untaxed vehicles gone up since this retrograde step was taken?

        • Replies to Brian Hilton>

          Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

          Hi Brian, if you want to check if a vehicle is taxed you can do so 24 hours a day online at

          Currently almost all vehicles on the road (98%) are taxed correctly. We collect around £6 billion in tax every year - clearly showing that most motorists stay legal and tax their vehicles on time.

  9. Comment by John Becskehazy posted on

    Always looking for simpler ways when it comes to online management.

  10. Comment by TREV Thomas posted on

    Yes looks good but why does it take such a long time to get a replacement V5 Log book been waiting three week now and still not here,

    • Replies to TREV Thomas>

      Comment by DVLA comms team posted on

      Hi Trev, thanks for your feedback. With your V5C, see which tells you how long it takes to get a replacement V5C (it differs depending on how you applied). It also says when and how to contact us if you haven't had it.

  11. Comment by Keith H Whale posted on

    Excellent Service

  12. Comment by MEL (West Sussex) posted on

    Making things easier is always a good idea, for DVLA to take the lead is excellent. I have used the TAX MY CAR service many times, very easy.
    Taking into account customer feedback to a government agency and ACTING on it is a first.
    Yes folks DVLA should be congratulated on this approach on being THE FIRST to consider"customers".

  13. Comment by Anton posted on

    "We’ve just made some exciting new additions".
    Exciting? Really?
    I guess the language used betrays the pleasure you experience from persecuting drivers in ever easier ways with quicker rewards for you.

  14. Comment by Kev Lewis posted on

    Excellent work. It's great to see "OEPP" blossoming!

  15. Comment by Roy Roberts posted on

    Great, how out of touch are you to be “excited” about making it easy to fine people. You should be concentrating on prevention of offences. Still to do so would mean legislating away your jobs and that would never do would it?

    • Replies to Roy Roberts>

      Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

      Hi Roy - we're looking at ways to help prevent people committing an offence, but for those that do, we want to make the process of putting it right as easy and simple as possible.

  16. Comment by bassett posted on

    'Over 70% of our customers now prefer to use this online option = Building on this success
    .....really! ?

    i thought this blog must be a spoof site ... but no ... dear oh dear ...and why are we not more surprised

  17. Comment by Monty Wolverine posted on

    Good Idea
    What about reductions for early payment say 7 days and a higher penalty for late payment
    Does this include penalty points on License.

    • Replies to Monty Wolverine>

      Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

      Hi Monty, thank you for your suggestion. For info, for some types of fines the amount owed does increase after a certain period of time.

  18. Comment by Laura posted on

    I have read all the noted comments.............. As an individual, and as 'one' representative working within the road haulage industry, I think it pertinent to thank you and your teams at the DVLA, 1) for your attention to detail, 2) for the replies and time taken to respond to ALL general enquiries, positive and negative.

    As for other users who do not appreciate the "exciting new additions"......
    I guess "the language they use betrays the pleasure they experience from persecuting "theoretical drivers" of the industry" i.e. those who “actually try” to make a difference!

    I am sure all comments are taken on board by the DVLA in which case please take note of the following;

    Well done DVLA Team, the simplicity of the online services/tools now being made available to the public are a positive step forward.

    Personally, I have only had dealings with the DVLA when I have done something wrong, any previous incidents or action taken against myself have been warranted and evidenced to me. So, in my case I thank you for taking the time to evidence my wrong doings and explaining the errors/mistakes I have made. Each incident has enabled me to prevent recurrence.

    1) hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs; oppression?
    2) persistent annoyance or harassment?

    As a general road user, I do see, that with roads/highways being as congested as they are, more importance and attention does need to be paid to the wrong doers. WHY? BECAUSE sometimes ALL road users need a little reminder/refresher if you like of their duties of being a road user, which include; being courteous/considerate, concentrating, observing the road, anticipating other road users, controlling your road space, and sharing the road responsibly with vulnerable road users, sometimes a penalty charge / fixed penalty is the only “language people understand”

    Rightly or wrongly thank you for doing your jobs, thank you for the API Platform – VES, Alexa product, online services, and finally I would like to thank you for keeping me in the loop and for promoting a culture of independence and freedom. Appreciated, accepted, continue moving forward.

  19. Comment by john carmichael posted on

    i cant pay my fine. could i pay by direct debit by installments. what happens if this is not possible

    • Replies to john carmichael>

      Comment by DVLA External Comms Team posted on

      Hi John, We don’t accept instalments and enforcement action will continue if payment is not received, the course of enforcement action depends on the type of penalty. Please call or write to DVLA using the contact details provided in your letter.