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Top 3 reasons to renew your driving licence online

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Motorists need to renew their photocard driving licence every 10 years. However, according to a recent survey, only 35% of respondents knew that you could renew your driving licence online.

I’ve been a Service Designer on the 'Renew your licence' online service for 2 years and over that time have seen it grow in popularity. Our 'Renew your licence' online service was used over 3.7 million times in 2021 – if you are wondering what’s in it for you then here’s what you need to know.

Due to renew your driving licence?

1. It’s quicker than applying by paper application

The online driving licence renewal service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on GOV.UK. The user-friendly service has been designed to guide customers through the application and takes only minutes to complete.

Once your online application has been submitted, your new licence should be issued within a week. This is substantially quicker than applying by paper. You will also save money by applying online. There’s a service to renew a photocard driving licence and a service to renew your licence at 70 and over.

2. It’s easy to use our online service

DVLA’s online services have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that each customer’s journey is smooth and hassle-free. Customers are guided through the application through the simple steps and are informed of all the requirements before the application is started.

In a recent survey, when asked to rank how easy or difficult it is to use DVLA’s online services, 94% of respondents answered “easy” to “very easy”, with over 97% of users stating they would use the online services again in the future.

3. GOV.UK is safe and secure

Insight gathered by our Customer Insight team showed that some customers may feel hesitant or less confident transacting online. 20% of customers stated they would prefer to speak to someone which suggests there may be a lack of trust, either in themselves or the service itself. When using the official GOV.UK website, you can be assured that you are using the official DVLA website, and your details are safe and secure.

DVLA regularly remind customers to always look for GOV.UK when searching for our services online to avoid third-party websites which may charge a premium for using their services. The cost of renewing your photocard driving licence online is only £14 so customers are reminded to remain vigilant of other websites which charge more. Renewing your driving licence at age 70+ is free and you will never be charged for this service on GOV.UK.

90% of those who use our online services don’t go back to using paper applications. So, if your driving licence is about to expire, why not give the simple and secure online service a try?

You can also try our other services which are also available online:

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Y 3 rheswm pennaf i adnewyddu’ch trwydded yrru ar-lein

Mae angen i fodurwyr adnewyddu eu trwydded yrru cerdyn-llun pob 10 mlynedd. Fodd bynnag, yn ôl arolwg diweddar, dim ond 35% o ymatebwyr oedd yn gwybod y gallech adnewyddu’ch trwydded yrru ar-lein.

Rwyf wedi bod yn Ddylunydd Gwasanaeth ar y gwasanaeth ‘Adnewyddu eich trwydded’ ar-lein am 2 flynedd a dros y cyfnod hwnnw rwyf wedi ei weld yn tyfu mewn poblogrwydd. Cafodd ein gwasanaeth ‘Adnewyddu eich trwydded' ar-lein ei ddefnyddio dros 3.7 miliwn o weithiau yn 2021 – os ydych yn dyfalu beth mae’n ei olygu ichi yna dyma’r hyn sydd angen ichi ei wybod.

Amser adnewyddu eich trwydded yrru?

1. Mae’n gyflymach na gwneud cais ar bapur

Mae’r gwasanaeth adnewyddu trwydded yrru ar-lein yn gallu cael ei gyrchu 24 awr y dydd, 7 diwrnod yr wythnos ar GOV.UK. Mae’r gwasanaeth hawdd ei ddefnyddio wedi cael ei ddylunio i arwain cwsmeriaid drwy’r cais ac mae’n cymryd munudau yn unig i’w gwblhau.

Cyn gynted ag y bydd eich cais ar-lein wedi cael ei gyflwyno, dylai’ch trwydded newydd gael ei gyhoeddi o fewn wythnos. Mae hyn yn sylweddol gyflymach na gwneud cais ar bapur. Byddwch hefyd yn arbed arian drwy wneud cais ar-lein. Mae gwasanaeth i adnewyddu trwydded yrru cerdyn-llun a gwasanaeth i adnewyddu eich trwydded yn 70 oed a throsodd.

2. Mae’n hawdd i ddefnyddio’n gwasanaeth ar-lein

Mae gwasanaethau ar-lein DVLA wedi cael eu dylunio a’u profi’n benodol i sicrhau bod taith pob cwsmer yn llyfn ac yn ddidrafferth. Mae cwsmeriaid yn cael eu harwain drwy’r cais drwy’r camau syml ac maen nhw’n cael gwybod am yr holl ofynion cyn i’r cais gael ei ddechrau.

Mewn arolwg diweddar, pan ofynnwyd i osod mewn trefn pa mor hawdd neu anodd y mae i ddefnyddio gwasanaethau DVLA ar-lein, atebodd 94% o ymatebwyr “hawdd” i “hawdd iawn”, a thros 97% o ddefnyddwyr yn dweud y byddent yn defnyddio’r gwasanaethau ar-lein eto yn y dyfodol.

3. Mae GOV.UK yn ddiogel ac yn sicr

Dangosodd mewnwelediad a gasglwyd gan ein tîm Mewnwelediad Cwsmeriaid fod rhai cwsmeriaid yn gallu teimlo’n betrusgar neu’n llai hyderus yn cynnal trafodion ar-lein. Dywedodd 20% o gwsmeriaid y byddai’n well ganddynt siarad â rhywun sy’n awgrymu y gall fod diffyg ymddiriedaeth, naill ai ynddynt eu hunain neu’r gwasanaeth ei hun. Wrth ddefnyddio’r wefan swyddogol GOV.UK, gallwch fod yn sicr eich bod yn defnyddio gwefan swyddogol y DVLA, a bod eich manylion yn ddiogel ac yn sicr.

Mae DVLA yn atgoffa cwsmeriaid yn rheolaidd i gadw golwg am GOV.UK wrth chwilio am ein gwasanaethau ar-lein i osgoi gwefannau trydydd parti sy’n gallu codi premiwm am ddefnyddio’u gwasanaethau. Mae cost adnewyddu eich trwydded yrru cerdyn-llun yn £14 yn unig felly atgoffir cwsmeriaid i barhau’n wyliadwrus o wefannau eraill sy’n codi tâl uwch. Mae adnewyddu’ch trwydded yrru yn 70+ oed am ddim ac ni fydd tâl yn cael ei godi arnoch byth am y gwasanaeth hwn ar GOV.UK.

Nid yw 90% o’r rheini sy’n defnyddio’n gwasanaethau ar-lein yn mynd yn ôl at ddefnyddio ceisiadau ar bapur Felly, os yw’ch trwydded yrru ar fin dod i ben, pam na roddwch gynnig ar y gwasanaeth syml a diogel ar-lein?

Gallwch roi cynnig hefyd ar ein gwasanaethau eraill sydd hefyd ar gael ar-lein:

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  1. Comment by Garrick Powell posted on

    Very informative that’s the way I will renew in future.

  2. Comment by Leslie jones posted on

    It's a better quicker cheaper way to apply & secure your details on line at your own convenient time.

  3. Comment by Barry Percy posted on

    Yes I agree. Grateful for the DVLA system.

  4. Comment by RANVIR SINGH posted on

    Very i formative...

  5. Comment by Lloyd Mason posted on

    I used the online service and found it very easy, will definitely use it again in the future.

  6. Comment by C Marsay posted on

    I just wish registration of a new vehicle was as easy

  7. Comment by Riz posted on

    Thanks Rachel for this, nice and easy just the way it should be from a user experience perspective! Good job

  8. Comment by Mr Tony Wimble posted on

    Renewed my licence, 70+ in September 2020 it was so simple and quick. Recommend any one to use the Gov website to renew.

  9. Comment by John Wade posted on

    I've been using it for a while, it's so easy. Great for taxing the car as well.

  10. Comment by Mike Howkins posted on

    The system was easy and friendly to use when I renewed when I was 73 years old

  11. Comment by Peter Naylor posted on

    I have used this service for a few years and it has continued to improve.
    It is safe secure and costs nothing to use.

  12. Comment by Pat Bradley posted on

    Reached the mile stone for a new licence recently and did it on line, did nesessary on the Wednesday on line abd my new licence dropped on the door mat on the following Saturday…….AMAZING SERVICE!! Thank you.

  13. Comment by Victor Mullins posted on

    Over 70
    At what point in time before my current licence expires can I renew it ?
    Appreciate a response.

  14. Comment by Maureen Flawn posted on

    It is fine telling folk to renew on line but if you do not have a passport you can't. When my bus pass expires it is renewed using the photo on the current one. Why can't DVLA do the same? I had to have a passport photo taken when I renewed so I feel that this should be used for the next three renewals (10 years) as that is the length of time a passport lasts.

  15. Comment by Nicholas Michael posted on

    This really helped me find what I needed and you’re fit, excellent service