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View Driving Record: introducing Identity Assurance

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It’s now been 5 months or 12 ‘sprints’ since View Driving Record moved into public beta (soon to be renamed View Driving Licence for its ‘live’ launch later this month) and we have been busy acting on the feedback that our users have given throughout this time. One of the themes we’ve concentrated on has been security and access to the service.

Identity Assurance (IDA)

An important challenge for us is improving the access controls, whilst keeping it as quick and user friendly as possible.

To improve this part of the service we’re working with colleagues at Government Digital Services to add the IDA tool to the start of View Driving Record as an alternative, and more robust way for us to verify the identity of our customers before they access their own driving records.

Over the past month we’ve carried out an internal beta using IDA which has allowed us to test this process with users, gather feedback and make improvements before we roll out further.  We used security tokens containing a URL to IDA to ensure that only those who volunteered had access, and it also allowed us to control the volumes hitting the service at any given time and monitor take up.

We’re in the process of analysing all of the feedback we’ve received so far with early results looking promising. 75% of participants have matched to a record, and although we’ve identified some issues with the current user journey we’re actively working to improve this based on the feedback received.

We’ve also been able to use this private beta to identify issues with matching drivers to their record, and we’re looking at an improved process for doing this.

The next steps are to continue working through the feedback we have received, and to work with our colleagues at GDS to roll this feature out to more users.

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  1. Comment by Margaret McAliskey posted on

    Hi, I operate a vehicle hire business in Northern Ireland and I wonder how I will be able to check a customers driving history when the paper part is no longer in use.

    • Replies to Margaret McAliskey>

      Comment by Ryan Davies posted on

      Hi Margaret, driver records registered in Northern Ireland with the DVA will continue to be issued with a driving licence counterpart. For those registered with the DVLA (England, Scotland and Wales) there will be new digital enquiry facilities to check driving entitlement and endorsements. These will compliment existing channels for drivers licence checking via phone, post and intermediary.

  2. Comment by Graham Robinson posted on

    Hi Ryan. As viewing a river record is integral to the London Taxi and Private Hire service I am very keen to find out more apprpriate this service and would be happy to take part in the Beta testing if you would find this useful. Please do get in touch if this is a possiblity.


    • Replies to Graham Robinson>

      Comment by Ryan Davies posted on

      Hi Graham, we will be looking to roll out to public beta during October and will be looking for people to use the identity assurance service during this time. Please keep an eye on our blogs for when this will be happening and please leave us feedback after trying it. Thanks Ryan.