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Transforming DVLA services: engaging with fleet companies

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) hosted our latest ‘Transforming DVLA Services stakeholder event’ in November 2014 where 80 fleet companies from DVLA’s fleet scheme were welcomed.

Julie Riseley, Service Designer for V5C on Demand, opened the event and thanked everyone for coming along. Presentations were given by the following DVLA representatives:

  • Rohan Gye, Vehicles Services Manager who gave an overview of DVLA’s strategy and forthcoming changes
  • Natalie Morgan, Service Designer for View Vehicle Record (VVR) demonstrated the enquiry service and took questions on topics like screen design, data, downloads, filter options, support needs etc
  • Julie gave an overview of the development of V5C on Demand which was of real interest to fleet companies as it delivers on a Red Tape Challenge commitment and, crucially, will relieve administrative burden and reduce secure storage costs for fleet companies
  • Ross Gregory, Vehicle Management (VM) and Personalised Registration (PR) delivery manager, took attendees through the VM and PR timeline, let them know some of the challenges we’ve encountered
Rohan Gye standing in front of a screen presenting an overview of DVLA’s strategy
Rohan providing an overview of DVLA’s strategy to stakeholders

All presenters participated in a formal Q&A with a range of questions being answered around bulk transactions and payment options and when this facility would be available.

Ross, Julie and Rohan sitting at a table answering questions from stakeholders
Ross, Julie and Rohan answering questions from stakeholders at the Transforming DVLA Services stakeholder event

Representatives were split into 4 groups, at different workstations, which:

  • gave them the opportunity to use the VVR service
  • demonstrated the disposal to trade and retain a personalised registration online service
  • allowed us to gather user requirements for V5C on Demand
  • gave them a chance to raise any future requirements they had of our service delivery

We’re delighted with the wealth of feedback.. It’s vital that we gather our commercial customers’ concerns and needs so that our services can be developed to meet those needs while complying with legislation. The feedback will be used to inform the ongoing development of current and future fleet services.

A big ‘thank you’ to the fleet company representatives who travelled to Coventry and to HMRC for hosting the event. Your positive contributions will be used to ensure DVLA develops services that are ‘simpler, better, safer.’

If you’ve any queries on V5 on Demand/View Vehicle Record service please post a question below or email:


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  1. Comment by Nick Bridle posted on

    Good evening Linda
    As discussed would like to be involved in the fleet interface data requirements and processes from DVLA to our M5 fleet system

    We have Royal Mail, TNT and Muller Wiseman dairies as well as Wakefield County council as our main UK customer base

    • Replies to Nick Bridle>

      Comment by Linda G Davies posted on

      Thank you for your response Nick. The project has a session in early January to determine future stakeholder engagement sessions. Your request to be involved will be discussed and I will get back to you to take this forward.