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Making our IT work: cutting costs and reaching one billion transactions

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It’s been 4 months since I blogged about DVLA’s IT strategy and our transformation that’s taking us onwards and upwards.

I keep saying this but, it’s people, not technology allowing us to provide efficient and effective services. We also meet the needs of a diverse and ever growing digitally aware customer base and look after a wide range of needs by providing assisted digital services.

IT running costs cut by nearly 40%

That’s around £55 million in cost savings – this is huge.

Many a sleepless night was spent fearing: the scale of change, removing the safety blanket of a third party service provider; and the potential effect on the quality of service we offered. We’re actually providing better services than ever before. By trusting our people and skills we’re seeing our transformation happen before our very eyes. Over the last financial year we’ve seen:

  • 99.89% average service availability
  • a 64% reduction in severe IT incidents
  • 8% reduction of IT incidents

We completed 1 billion transactions last year – over 90% online

This is a record breaking volume of enquiries and transactions across all our services.

When you operate at the scale we do, collecting around £6 billion in vehicle tax for the Treasury, dealing with around 50 million vehicle licence transactions (78% online), over 11 million driving licence applications (68% online) and 26 million card payments annually it’s important we get it right!

Our aim is to provide a ‘best-in-class IT service’ using our own in-house IT

Remember we’re one of the first in government to do IT in-house. We’re ‘users’ too: from laptop requests to broken printers; to creating a new digital service - our team covers a lot of ground.  And, they continually find better ways to do it.

As well as providing you with best-in-class services we also make sure DVLA staff get the best tools for the job which means:

  • 86% of us are now reporting IT incidents via a self-service portal
  • the majority of staff, bar a few with specialist requirements, will have IT kit that is less than 3 years old
  • secure laptops, for those who need them, that work properly and saves us a lot of wasted hours and frustration

We’re making positive steps every day.

Want to work on interesting technical challenges on services that touch over 90% of the UK adult population?

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  2. Comment by Gra posted on

    Top marks to DVLA you really have made it for the Customer with the development of Digital services/

  3. Comment by Victor Albert Shaw posted on

    DVLA most definitely provide an outstanding service with magnificent service. Accurate, detailed,fast, response is helpful to all motorists.

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    I love what I'm seeing, very informative,

  5. Comment by Robert H. Thomson posted on

    Well done to you all.
    You all are doing a fantastic job.
    When I applied for my first Driving Licence way back in the late 40s I would never have thought in a million years that most of the "paper work" for motor vehicles would be so easy to do from the comfort of your own home, be so quick & a 24 hour 7days a week service .
    Thanks to you all.

  6. Comment by barrie b tonks posted on

    Getting better by the day, Best Wishes. Barrie.

  7. Comment by M.B.RICHARDSON posted on

    fantastic to read a gov dept that has made the effort to [mprove and maintain standards inspiring employees and hopefully securing thier jobs

  8. Comment by William Cook posted on

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Comment by Jim Fisher posted on

    You guys should run the railways.